About two years ago when the team first started working on the level crossing projects in Melbourne, they began encountering lift shafts on each job.  The lift shafts are one of the harder elements of a level crossing removal and a crucial requirement for the station. The lift shaft was often ‘built’ on the site and then moved into place. It would start with a slab of concrete poured and then scaffolding put up and then the lift shaft built within this. It was logistically challenging due to several factors, such as the environment, weather and other trades all needing to align for the lift shafts to be built within a specific timeframe.  There were also additional safety issues created.

So, the Stilcon Scaffolding team lead by Ian Douglas wanted to come up with a better solution. They asked the question – why don’t we take this offsite? They talked to the team at United Lifts to see if it was possible, as the lift shaft would have to be laid on its side for transport back to the project site. Combining their diverse expertise, across two very different industries, the team at United Lifts and Stilcon Scaffolding worked together to make it happen.


Our innovative solution for lift shafts.

Taking it offsite to our facilities we were able to work with our sister company, Stilcon Steel, to buy, fabricate and paint the steel.

The Stilcon Scaffolding team then install the lift cage onto the concrete pad. The lift cart is then put in, followed by the glass or cladding.

The entire structure is then encapsulated, which is a fast and effective way to protect and waterproof.  This protects during transporting to the project site and protects the mechanics and internals once on site from the elements while the roof is put in place.


Each lift shaft once fully completed weighed a total of 30 tonne. Our Logistics and Transport team then develop the traffic management plan for delivery to site. On site co-ordination ensures the lift shaft can be craned from the semi-trailer straight into place

This innovative solution offers the client cost savings, better time efficiencies and improved safety in the delivery of a completed lift shaft.

It’s amazing what can be achieved when you give a team a challenge and they find solutions which are not just cost effective but also innovative as well.

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