Abrasive Blasting and Removal

At Stilcon Industrial Services, our team of certified abrasive blasters have worked on all levels of corrosion across a wide array of industrial equipment and infrastructure. Depending on the environment it is in, scale of damage and type of metal/alloy, we identify the right blasting media that adequately removes rust, maintains durability, and doesn’t harm the surrounding environment.

Stilcon Industrial Services offer on-site and off-site abrasive blasting, and our equipment has the capability to clean and prepare most material in any texture. Our abrasive blasting contractors, qualified in abrasive blasting service, ensure the structure or equipment is free from grease, rust, and surface contaminants with precise attention to detail.

We are experts in various forms of abrasive blasting, surface preparation and contaminant removal. From concrete stencilling to lead paint removal and wet abrasive blasting, we can do onsite sandblasting, chemical stripping, and mobile sandblasting job. We can blast anywhere using our wide range of high-quality blasting technologies and applications – from bridges, ships and building facades to internal high-rise strip-outs and tunnels.

Our systems can be used in locations and on materials where generic abrasive blasting processes are too dusty, messy, hazardous, and logistically troublesome. We are the leading edge of mobile wet sandblasting and onsite sandblasting in Melbourne. Abrasive blasting is a safe, effective, and efficient way to remove graffiti from a variety of surfaces and materials.

Types of abrasive blasting media and methods used include:

  • Sand blasting
  • Steel blasting
  • Water blasting
  • Dustless blasting

Dustless Blasting can help with stripping paint and cleaning any type of surface and creating profiles without the harshness and dust of conventional blasting. We provide revolutionary dustless blasting systems that can remove almost any coating from any surface using our blasting technologies.

Heavy equipment accumulates grease, dirt and other contaminants, and this build-up can hinder its performance. Heavy machinery blasting is a great solution to avoid long-term issues and restore your heavy equipment.

Using abrasive blasting applications, and chemical removal systems, our highly trained onsite and mobile technicians can remove lead paint safely to ensure that no further contaminates are present.

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