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At Stilcon Industrial Services, we understand that the right coat of paint is more than a visual enhancement; it’s a shield against the elements, ensuring longevity and resilience for your structures and equipment. Our Industrial Coating service goes beyond the surface, allowing us to tailor protective coatings with precision.

Eliminating rough edges and achieving the exact surface texture you desire is where our expertise shines. Our team, equipped with a Cert III in Surface Preparation and Protective Coatings, employs a meticulous approach to surface preparation. Varying the grit level ensures a flawless foundation for the application of high-quality coating.

Our proficiency extends to a range of specialised protective coating products. The team’s training and expertise allow us to identify the ideal coating product for your structure and equipment in any environment

Depending on the scale and accessibility of your structure/project’s needs, we offer on-site painting or utilise our separate facility. This flexibility is particularly advantageous for industries like mining or naval applications, where large mobile objects often require protective paint or coating applications.

Our Industrial Coating service caters to a diverse range of applications, including:

  • Structural steel fixtures
  • Pipelines
  • Interiors of tanks and pressurised vessels
  • Steel cables
  • Marine vessel maintenance
  • Dams and hydraulic structures

At Stilcon Industrial Services, our Industrial Coating service is about providing a shield of precision and protection for your valuable assets. Elevate your structures with coatings that stand the test of time, ensuring durability and resilience in any environment.

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